A trio of crème brûlée

I am absolutely in love with this recipe. I founded it at site http://www.yuppiechef.com. This site is so amazing with perfect photos and very quality text. 

Enjoy :) 

Crème brûlée is one of the classic desserts to master and gives you an excuse to wave a blowtorch around the kitchen and indulge the pyromaniac within for the sake of caramel. Great for dinner parties, it can be made in advance, stored in the fridge and given the finishing touches just prior to serving. You can serve it with fruit or ice cream.

You Will Need:

500 ml double or whipping cream
6 egg yolks
40g sugar
½ vanilla pod
A few drops of vanilla essence
Caster sugar
Vanilla (fresh pods or a good quality essence)
Ginger (peeled, chopped and finely zested)
A few dashes of coffee (brewed and chilled, filter or espresso)

Bon appetite !