Christmas Ornaments Cupcakes recipes

The original article was written by Larissa for the Russian Canadian Art Magazine «Studio Montreal» December 2013 issue. This amazing recipes I founded at by Larissa.

 'Christmas is just around the corner and these Christmas Tree ornament cupcakes are guaranteed to get you into the holiday spirit. Fool your guests and make them wonder pretending you were so busy setting the holiday feast that you have forgot these shiny ornaments here on the dinner table; or maybe they are a part of your beautiful table arrangement. Nobody guesses right until… you finally serve the dessert! by Larissa'


For the cupcakes: foil cupcake standard size liners, and any cupcake recipe of your choice.
For the Oreo cream cheese cookie dough truffle tops: 38 traditional Oreo cookies + 1 package of Philadelphia cream cheese (either 8 oz or 250 g work well). Makes about 8 domes.
Note: you may substitute this cookie dough recipe with your favorite cake truffle dough recipe if you want.

For the decorations: rolled fondant, small rolling pin, small knife, tweezers, scissors, some corn starch for rolling, gel paste food colors of your choice to color fondant, some luster dusts (pearl, gold, silver), clear food grade alcohol for mixing the paint, various sugar sprinkles and sugar pearls, clear piping gel, small spray bottle, art brushes, Dessert Dome Candy Mold by Wilton, snowflake paper punches.
You may find most of the cake decorating supplies at any Michael’s art and craft store.

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