Scallop-Orange-Cucumber Salad recipe

The secret of Thai cuisine is that there are no secrets. This amazing recipe I founded at and I love it. It's so healthy and fresh. Enjoy :)

To make this:

 — and let’s just pretend we’re making a portion big enough to serve 4
 — simply sear up enough scallops for 4 people until you get a nice crust on the outside of them without overcooking the inside. 
Then you set the scallops aside while cutting up half an English cucumber into matchsticks, slicing up thinly 1/2 a medium red onion (or 2 medium shallots), and sectioning 2 oranges. Toss everything together in a bowl. Add some lime juice and fish sauce to taste. Throw in some chopped up chilies and cilantro or mint leaves. Done.