Waldorf Salad recipe

This New York salad is good not only because of its great taste, it is an excellent base for experimentation. Classic version of salad rather terse and it is good complement for lunch or dinner. If you add raisins or pineapple it will turn out dessert version. I hope you like it.


• Celery stalk – 200 g
• Apples – 2 pcs.
• Walnut – 100 g
• Lettuce – 100 g
• Mayonnaise – 150 g


  • Clear celery from coarse fibers and cut into stripes. Wash red apples, remove the core and chop into cubes. Peel nuts and chop, add to the salad. Stir and season with homemade mayonnaise based on lime juice. Serve on lettuce leaves.